About the Idaho Legal History Society (ILHS)

The Idaho Legal History Society was organized in 2005 by Chief Judge B. Lynn Winmill, United States District Court, District of Idaho, and State District Judge Ronald E. Bush.

Its founding members were Bryon Johnson, retired Idaho Supreme Court Justice; The Honorable Ronald J. Wilper, Fourth Judicial District, State of Idaho; Rita Ryan, Judith Austin, Tom McCabe, Boise attorney; Betty Richardson, former United States Attorney; Russ Heller, Boise Public Schools and Susie Boring-Headlee, Administrator for Judge Winmill.

The group discovered that many people had been quietly preserving Idaho’s legal history on their own, and many more wanted to contribute. From these efforts, the ILHS was born.

The mission of ILHS is to preserve Idaho’s history in the following ways:

(1) To foster and promote public knowledge of and interest in Idaho’s legal history;
(2) To promote and encourage research of Idaho’s legal history;
(3) To collect and preserve records, relics, oral histories and other things of interest to Idaho’s legal history, and to make the same accessible for public examination;
(4) To encourage interest in Idaho’s legal history through meetings, presentations, lectures and other public forums; and
(5) To procure or publish and distribute historical material for educational purposes, the proceeds of which, if any, are to be used exclusively for the express purposes of the Association.

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