July 2013 – ICRA Member Janet French

1. Name:

Janet French

2. Freelance or Official or Captioner/CART:


3. Location:

Pocatello, Idaho

4. Three to five things we don’t know about you:

1) I have a grandson that is the same age as my youngest daughter. They are both five.

2) My husband and I have six children between the two of us.

3) I HATE snakes……but I have just started hiking a lot, and I have had to adapt to them. We have seen up to three of them on each hike.

5. Hobbies:

Camping, hiking, biking…….I love the outdoors.

6. Family:

Married for 18 years to Allen French. We have one biological child, Saffron (5). I have another daughter, Karma (20). Allen has four children of his own.

7. Worst job:

Some crazy tree hugger who ranted things that were BIZARRE and out there…..he talked a million miles an hour, and then to top it off, he shot off a cap gun to get our attention!! I thought I was going to die of a heart attack. It was at an EPA hearing and a very emotional crowd!!!

8. Best job:

Any job with John Bailey!!!

9. Most interesting job:

One I did at Swan Falls Power Plant…..very LOUD in there, and we are doing a deposition. Also, I did one on a semi once.

10. Favorite vacation, either trip or spot:

We went to Guatemala (Rio Dulce) this last Christmas. It was AWESOME. We are headed to Costa Rica this Christmas; it should be beautiful too!!!!!!