Idaho Certified Shorthand Reporter
Licensing FAQs

1. When and how often is the Idaho CSR test given?

The Idaho CSR exam is given twice a year, in March and September.

2. What are the requirements for the test?

The test is essentially the same as NCRA's RPR test. It consists of a 50-question, multiple choice written knowledge test (75% passing), and then three skills tests: 180 Literary, 200 Jury Charge, and 225 Q&A, all at 95% accuracy.

3. Does Idaho recognize reciprocity with any other states or NCRA?

There is no reciprocity with other states. We are reciprocal with the RPR (or higher test) if passed within two years.

4. Can I combine "legs" of the RPR and the Idaho CSR tests to get your CSR?

No. You either pass our test or provide documentation that you've passed the RPR (or higher test) within the last two years.

5. Does Idaho have a temporary certification?

Yes. A reporter can qualify for a one-year temporary CSR if they meet one of the following qualifications: 1, hold a valid CSR from some other state; 2, graduation from an NCRA-certified court reporter training program; 3, hold an RPR (or higher certification) that is older than two years.

After one year of the temporary, a reporter may apply for a one-year extension if he/she can show they've passed at least one leg of either our CSR exam or the RPR exam.

6. Where can I get more information?

The CSR Board's website is:

7.  If have paid the  fee for my CSR license, do I still have to pay $75 to become an ICRA member?

Yes.  Your license fee is just to be able to work in the state of Idaho.  ICRA is an independent, nonprofit organization promoting the court reporting profession and providing opportunities for continued education, networking, and many other benefits.

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